When I came across this word yesterday, my first thought was of Pearl. It has been a rough couple of weeks, as I’ve been attempting to sort through everything and ultimately decide upon the one horse I will be keeping. Even then, I wasn’t absolutely certain until yesterday morning.

It’s funny because other people knew before I did. Upon hearing the news we were moving, everyone asked me, “What about Pearl?” No one inquired about Justice or even Pokey. As much as I love them, it was obvious to others (even moreso than myself) that she is my heart horse.

Much is indeed meant to be planned, calculated and worked for. I am a firm believer in writing your own story. However I do believe that a small portion of life is entirely up to chance. Try as we might, we can’t design a soulmate.

IMG_1533 (1)

Of course, Trouvaille doesn’t refer exclusively to Pearl. After all, I received another gift this past year.

Ok so this photo is from back in February. He’s not this small anymore. I miss it tho!

Ultimately, Trouvaille is about taking life’s unexpected gifts, and enjoying them for what they are, with the time we’ve been given.

I love this shot because it makes Pearl look huge lol. She’s actually only 13 hands!
Independence Day with my daughter!

Although this blog has been primarily equestrian, I intend to share a lot more of LIFE in future posts. I haven’t done so previously because honestly I don’t DO much of anything. For real. I work at 2 barns, I take care of my kids, I ride. That’s it. But for the first time in a very long time, I’m actually EXCITED for the future!

Gonna miss these views though! NC and VA are very beautiful. You won’t get any argument from me there!


Right now, I’m focusing on getting things in order and getting ready to move, selling off a big chunk of horse stuff at the fall consignment sale at the end of the month (keeping pony-sized thingz only), and conditioning Pearl for Sandhills at the end of September.

And although Alaska doesn’t have endurance persay, don’t count us out just yet. We’ll still be doing AERC rides on occasion until we move. Also, NATRC hosts one ride a year in AK, and there are several AERC events in British Columbia. Admittedly, the closest real Endurance event is a 2 day drive from Anchorage but it’s a Pioneer ride, held over a 3 day period. That alone makes the trip worth it to me. And honestly? I’m still dreaming of Tevis. We’ll make it there, I’m sure of it. Someday. 😉