Things are already happening. In mid-September we will be temporarily moving in with Joe's father in order to begin saving money. As one might imagine, moving to Alaska isn't cheap. Joe needs to fly up in the spring to start work, buy a vehicle, secure housing for us and a barn for the horse (the latter being under my direction…all he has to do is go check them out in person lol). Once my daughter finishes out the school year, he will fly back and once everything is taken care of here, he will fly with the kids back to AK, whilst I make the drive up with the truck, dog, horse & trailer (< worthy of a whole post in and of itself!)

In September I'm aiming to attend the Sandhills Stampede LD with Pearl. It's my goal to attend as many AERC rides as I can manage while I still can. While there is one NATRC ride a year in Alaska, the closest endurance ride is in British Columbia, a 2 day drive from Anchorage.

In October (hopefully) I will begin an intensive 8 week course to get certified as a CNA. Because, goals. I'm not going in blind. I intend to go up there and land a real job. Something that pays halfway decent. Eventually, I may try to get on with the Alaska State Troopers, but that's another story for another day.


I did speak to Pokey's old owner, M, the other day. I explained our situation to her and was relieved when she said they would most likely be able and willing to take Pokey back. Although initially I thought I would keep him, the more I thought about it, the more I worried. That is a long trip and a huge change for a 24 year old horse. Fortunately M seems to recognize this as well.

I do love Justice and I have frequently considered keeping him as well, but ultimately Pearl is my heart horse. The thought of giving her up is devastating to me. She is literally my best friend. We have done all the things together.




Thus Justice will be up for reassignment soon. I'm gonna miss the big guy. (If anyone is interested please let me know! I'd love to see him in an endurance/CTR home as that is what he did for many years!)



Everyone who knows me knows one of my favorite TV shows is "Gold Rush". Tony Beets said it best, "You gotta go – you gotta try. One thing you don't wanna do when you get old is stand there and say, 'Oh I could've done this, I should've done that.' No, when you get old you wanna say, 'Been there, fucking done that!'"





I am aiming for the Sandhills Stampede LD on September 30th! Despite our busy schedule, I am