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Pearl Hart

Pearl, aka “Pearl Hart” (as registered with the AERC). 13h, appoximately 19 yr old POA mare. She is blind on her left side, with a small existing cataract in her right eye as well. I acquired Pearl on my birthday in June 2016, through my friend Ashley (she was originally her stepbrother’s pony). Thus far we have completed one LD endurance ride (Blackwater Swamp Stomp), and explored many trails in North Carolina and Virginia.

IMG_1345 - Copy2
March 2017, Frisco Pier (Cape Hatteras NC). Image taken by my sister.
Frisco NC (Outer Banks). Photo by C Flood.
IMG_1346 (1)
Cape Hatteras, NC. March 2017. Image by C Flood.
March 2017, at Staunton River State Park. Image by self.
March 2017, Staunton River State Park. Image taken via self-timer.
March 2017, Staunton River State Park.
Grayson Highlands, VA. August 2016. Image by my sister. (Interesting note: I was 6 months pregnant at the time of this photo!)
Fairystone State Park 2016
July 2016; Fairystone State Park in Virgina. Image by Bonnie. (I was approximately 5 months pregnant at the time of this photo).
February(?) 2017,  random Mickey Mouse barn near Whitsett NC.

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