For various reasons we did NOT end up showing a couple weeks ago at TTC, but we did cross-country school. I took Justice, and he was very brave and well behaved, though he admittedly struggled a little in the humidity. You can see a couple short video clips on my Instagram!

However, tomorrow, I AM actually going to be showing! It’s nothing special, just a small schooling hunter/jumper series about an hour from me. I am going to be doing a couple of the lower-level jumper classes. I tend not to get anxious about things, because I’ve had so many plans fall through in the past. However, being that it’s tomorrow, I’m finally allowing myself to actually get a little excited!

C was supposed to accompany me, but was unable to get off work. I considered bringing both horses, but for various reasons ultimately decided to bring only Pearl.


She’s just so cute tho! ❤


The only bummer is that since C won’t be there, I’ll be going alone. To be fair, I’m used to going most places alone. However, the show photographer doesn’t cover jumpers (hunters are the real money I suppose), IF she even decides to come. So I will have no media from this event. No pictures, no videos. Nada. (Insert sad face).

Anyway, I had a list of things I’m supposed to do today. But, I’m not feeling well – my little boy kept me up nearly all night yesterday and I feel like I might be coming down with a cold. Considering I’m getting up at 6AM (and Jumpers doesn’t start until 10AM), I should have plenty of time to get my shit together and on the trailer. I want to arrive at the show by 8:30 so I have plenty of time to register for my classes, and get situated. Eeeeeeek!!

Pray for me!