Broxton Bridge, Day 1 (Thursday, January 27th).

We packed the truck and trailer the night before so all we had to do in the morning was load the horses and hit the road. Our objective was to get going by 8am, which we surprisingly accomplished (I don’t know about you but in my case there always seems go be something that pops up at the last minute and causes an unexpected delay).

The drive down was uneventful. Rain was initially predicted, but save for a few ominous looking clouds near Charlotte we enjoyed clear weather.

We arrived in ride camp shortly after 1pm (after joking for the last hour that this was all rouse to lure us out in the middle of nowhere and harvest our organs – we seriously didn’t see another horse trailer the entire drive!)

We registered and paid our balance, then went to set up camp before vetting in (which in this case meant moving stuff from the bed of the truck to inside the trailer out of the elements. We slept in the truck both nights). We then went to vet in. We explresed that this was our first time doing this – everyone was very patient and friendly. J got a 36 HR and all A’s and pluses across the board.

We decided we had some time to kill, and saddled up for a brief ride. We planned to separate and ride our own rides the next day, so we practiced riding away fron each other. Both horses were pretty nonchalant about it all. J peed during that ride – it was the only time I witnessed him peeing the whole weekend, something that still bugs me a little.

At 6:30 we joined the rest of the crowd for dinner. The food was delicious, and we were famished!

Sometime during dinner I realized that the footing in the pavilion was actually made up of seashells. Pretty cool! (I admit I brought a couple home for my daughter).

The ride meeting included large signs indicating the loops for the each distance.

There was very little info for us Intro riders – there were only 3 of us that first day but they directed us to Patsy Gowen who held a mini-meeting and was able to answer most of our questions.
It was getting cold, so after the ride meeting we got the horses settled in for the night, before hitting the sack ourselves…