Well, I missed both my Monday AND Friday posts last week. I have no excuse, except I was tired and Baby K wouldn’t let me put him down. Also I ran out of data and was offline for a few days.

We did indeed get our snow last weekend! Usually here in the South when they call for “winter storms” it turns out to be a non-event, but in this case it did not disappoint. We received a little over 8 ½” (I measured it myself) of the cold white stuff overnight.

Of course, I was elated. I love winter, and especially love the snow. Thank goodness for our Superbeast, and 4-wheel-drive!

I made it out to the barn while the snow was still coming down and was able to take Justice out for a brief ride.

It was SO cold! The wind was blowing ferociously, making it feel more like 7 degrees than 22. I did something I’ve never done before and left J blanketed, opting for bareback and a rope halter/hackamore.

Most of the trails that used to be accessible to riders at CS were closed off last year when the owner’s grandkids started tearing up the area with their 4-wheeler. There is only one very brief loop beside the landfill, also owned by Mr C.  But I already knew we wouldn’t be racking up any miles. This ride was just for fun.


That was my only ride in the snow. However I did get some photos of Justice moving out the next day, as well as a few video clips of P&P cutting up in the ring. (The horses at SStables were kept in for two days).


On Thursday I stopped by my Mom’s to print out the release forms and paperwork necessary for our January adventure. For several weeks now Ashley and I have been planning to attend (both) intro rides at Broxton Bridge in SC the last weekend of the month. However neither of us had the money until this week, and there was some confusion as to the deadline for the entry form. We both (mistakenly it seems) thought we had until January 19th. However upon closer examination there were actually 3 dates listed – January 13th, January 19th… and November 4th?!

It’s not surprising that we were confused! However, this might’ve been a costly mistake, seeing that there was a $25 per day late fee. This was something neither of us could afford—we had barely managed to scrape up the cash for the entry to start with! Ashley ended up calling the ride manager directly for clarification, and we were told that as long as we got our forms and deposits in the mail Friday or Saturday that we would not be charged a late fee.

I also applied for my free membership to the NATRC!

On Monday morning it was 5 degrees (ask me how I know) – on Friday it peaked at 73 degrees. On Friday I hadn’t gotten my trailer back yet so I took Justice for a ride “around the block”. I don’t care for road riding in general, although I have done a lot of it over the years. Still, it was necessary as I needed to get my 8 miles in for the week.

No rain, but we did see a rainbow!
The road goes ever on and on…
We even found a place for J to drink in the form of a small creek beside beside the road.


I remembered to take his heart rate this time. His resting HR was 36 before tacking up, and 68  at the end (after dismounting and removing the bridle and loosening the girth). All in all I was pretty pleased. I meant to check again in 10 minutes, but the barn manager came up and started talking to me so it didn’t happen.

I was feeling bad about only getting in the saddle once this week, but after this ride I feel a little better. He was still full of energy after 6 miles and his heart rate seems to indicate that the 5mph pace is not an undue hardship. I just hope I’m doing enough to prepare him for our back-to-back 15 miles intro rides at the end of the month!