My little man has been fussing all day, preventing me from writing a long post. So I thought I’d share a few photos and video clips from our recent rides, and hopefully that will suffice!

I rode Christmas Eve morning in a cold drizzle that prompted me to construct a makeshift rump rug for newly clipped Justice. It really was just a light blanket purchased from a bargain bin at Walmart. I tucked it under the half pad and tied small rocks from the driveway at all four corners to weigh it down. It actually worked fairly well!

I also rode him in our new real rope halter/hackamore. He did get a tad strong but was never out of control.
Looking hansum in his fleece cooler under his sheet.
I wasn’t sure how Justice would take to the Santa hat, but he didn’t even blink lol. (He did however demand treats as payment for his service lol)

Then today I took the plunge, loaded Justice and trailered him the 5 miles to NE Park. The drive up was tense (on my part anyway!) I was half expecting him to panic and flip out any minute. But it turned out to be quite uneventful. Justice was a touch nervous but not horribly so.

We were the only trailer in the parking lot all day, which frankly surprised me. The weather was great – mostly cloudy with temps in the upper 40’s.
Happy ears! Justice was raring to go!


I opted not to boot Justice. I’ve been to NE enough times to know the trails are doable for barefoot horses with decent feet.

I also decided to try riding him in the mechanical hackamore. The jury is still out on that one. He was really really strong the first few miles and I found myself questioning my decision. Eventually around mile 5 or 6 he started to settle, although he still continued to careen down the trails like a pack of coyotes were right at his heels. He truly seems to believe he is a TB at the racetrack, and it can be ridiculously exhausting!

He drank deeply the first time we crossed the river but deigned to do so on the way back.

Conclusion? Omg we have SO much work to do! Justice is still the clumsiest horse ever! He pays no attention to where he puts his feet and basically careens out of control down the trail, throwing his body to the right or left around turns. He is also very weak behind, charging mindlessly up hills, and slowing significantly to paddle down them.  And from what I have seen, he has yet to pace himself. His 3 speeds are fast, faster, and torpedo – depending on how much control you have over him.

At any rate, now that I have a much clearer idea of what we need to do, it’s go time! Only 10 more weeks left before our first LD, and just 5 before our next adventure (more on that to come!)