This has been a pretty sh*tty week, for personal reasons in addition to the whole freaking presidential election. I don’t care who you voted for (although I certainly have my own opinions), but this is the first election ever that completely divided my immediate family and caused contention, feuding and fights (mainly on Facebook), in addition to blatant disrespect and personal insults hurled at parents and siblings alike. Yes, this was my immediate family. And I am disgusted. 

I am 2 weeks away from my c-section date, and am now on “maternity leave” (unpaid – hence the quotations). This has placed a whole new level of stress on myself – knowing that I’m not bringing in any income for what may be almost 2 months makes me feel worthless. I know I need to take the time to have this baby and yadayadayada, but of course (again) everyone’s got their opinions on what I should and shouldn’t be doing in regards to work afterwards and how long I should be out and etc, etc. In the end although I’m SOOOO ready to have this baby out of me, I’m also dreading my c-section date because of all the family that will be descending at once. It’s at the point where I’m almost hoping I’m still in the hospital on Thanksgiving Day so I have some excuse to avoid everyone, and so myself and the baby can just rest and bond devoid of the drama. 

Fall is finally here – crisp and cool and colorful. It is usually my favorite time of year (minus hunting season) but at this point I’m really unable to enjoy it. For starters, I am no longer riding. My last time on Pearl was October 29th, and although I did hop on Justice the other day (the 4th) I don’t really count it as a ride persay because all I did was show him around the barn(s) and then get off (our total saddle time was probably less than 10 minutes).

Speaking of Justice, he is now being boarded at CS. We moved him there several weeks ago, after determining that he was not receiving adequate care where he was at. It does mean we are paying a little more for board now, but I am satisfied that we get to see him everyday (even if only in driving past) and he has 24/7 access to plenty of food and fresh water. He has already gained back all the weight he’d lost, which makes us all very happy. (And G even rode him the other day – which was nothing short of a miracle as she took a bad fall from Pokey a couple weeks back!)

Big boy looking good!
Happy girl! She really needs her own saddle…the western one she had for Pokey won’t fit J.

I have been taking the opportunity to do some in-hand/groundwork with Pearl. I am trying to teach her voice commands – namely “step” (which will hopefully aid in stepping over objects, such as logs on the trail), and “up” and “down” (to indicate terrain changes). So far I’m not really sure she is truly getting any of it, but I’ll keep trying. She is so stubborn, and gets distracted easily when separated from Pokey, so I have been trying to maintain a level head and be patient. 

“But Pokey is over THERE! Do you see him? I see him! Do you hear him? I hear him! He’s THERE I tell you! Now let me OUT!”
We also did some work with/on the tarp.
Which probably helped with this. So far as I know she had never been blanketed before in her life!
Spending time with my girl tonight. I think she’s slowly warming up to me lol.

As for Pokey, he is fat and sassy and full of himself. As I said G took a bad fall from him a couple weeks back when he decided to be a naughty naughty boy. I was admittedly pretty pissed at him for a time after that. I think he knew I was mad at him, because he has been doing his best to get my attention since. Which – being Pokey – naturally includes nipping at me when I lead him, and racing around the pasture and bucking like a fiend when it’s time to come in. He obviously feels good, despite still being occasionally stiff behind due to his stifle. Sometimes I think I’m imagining it – I guess I will see about putting him back in light work this spring and we’ll go from there. I highly doubt I’ll have time to seriously ride/condition more than one horse this coming year, but of course one can’t foresee the future.