Ever since the move to SStables, Pearl has been in #bitchmaremode. 

“Me? But I’m too cute to be evil!”

This translates to outlandishly skittish, anxious and hard to handle. She has latched onto Pokey as her main source of confidence, and removing him from her life for even a matter of minutes has dire consequences. I.e. a full-on, drawn out temper tantrums. Her behavior has been so ridiculous, actually, that Joe asked if I wanted to move her back to CS.

I said no. For the first time, I am getting to see this mare for who she really is. She is needy, insecure, timid, skittish, and generally disrespectful and distrustful of humans.

“Now I KNOW you’re not talking about me!”

We have a lot of work to do.
At this point, I only have a few weeks left before my c-section (less than 7 to be exact) and my #1 priority at this point is to keep Pearl under saddle. Frankly, the only goal I feel I acomplished over the summer was establishing a very basic baseline of fitness on this mare, and I intend to keep it up as much as possible.

Giving me the stink-eye. She was positively wicked that day – spooking violently at the smallest things!


I’ve been eyeing back-to-back intro rides at Broxton Bridge in SC at the end of January and even though it is only 8 weeks after my surgery, my boyfriend has given me the all clear if I decide I want to go for it. (Because Pearl is so green, in addition to being such a nervous nellie I’d prefer to start with intro rides and work our way up). After the baby is born, I do plan on waiting the full 6 weeks to ride again – instead I will focus on groundwork and maybe even try to get #witchymare accustomed to the hotwalker (yes we still have one of those). She doesn’t have to like me, but she does have to start respecting me as her leader.

As for Pokey, he has been a complete gentleman and has been taking good care of G. My brother shod him on Sunday, and as an added bonus, padded him too! 

(Pearl also got her footsies trimmed). Pokey is still a tad tender, but I believe that may be just typical soreness following shoeing in general and I have high hopes that the pads will be highly beneficial in the long run. G is already talking about trail riding him next year. I haven’t told her yet, but once I get things with Pearl under control (and she learns to post), I may possibly see about taking them on an intro ride with us as well.

True to form, Pokey takes such good care of her!

Not a flattering photo, but perhaps the only one where you can see my belly! I never imagined I’d still be riding at 8 months pregnant! (Granted most of my rides are rarely longer than 25-45 minutes now, but it’s still something!)