I am lying in the tent. It’s about 9:10 pm and it has just started raining. Occasionally lightning flickers but we have yet to hear any thunder. Ashley is making some changes phone calls in the truck so I have the tent all to myself. It’s cool though. It’s completely waterproof! They are calling for heavy thunderstorms in an hour and I guess that will be the real test. 

I just peeked out at the horses and Wings is standing completely at ease, one hind leg cocked. I’m so glad I remembered to bring his waterproof sheet! He is doing well for his first time on the high line as well. 

We had a good day today. We covered the last 2 trails (on the map), that we had not ridden here. Maybe not the most picturesque but now we can say we did it! There were a couple technical spots, some rocks, and several real steep uphill climbs. Wings did fabulous! He led about half the time, picked his way carefully through the most gnarly parts and tackled the hills with what I can only describe as a death march. Unlike my other horses he doesn’t like to rush hills, but instead takes his time. It’s nice. I can trot him on slight downhills and flat spots and he never puts a foot wrong. All in all I’m very very proud of my old man!

My Equitrack app failed us for the last time. Frustrated, when it shut down on us halfway through the ride, I redownloaded Endomondo and used it for the remainder of the day. Altogether I’m going to guess we did at least 10-12 miles, if not more.

Pretty woods! I understand that Uwharrie is not appealing to endurance riders because of its extremely rocky, hilly, rooty terrain and occasional washouts. However I think that while it may be a challenge to keep a race pace here it would be very helpful in teaching a horse skill for more technical rides and conditioning for mountain rides. 

Headed home.
He drank so well on the trail all day!