So…life. It’s full of unexpected twists and turns. Allow me to elaborate. 

On Tuesday I stopped by CS and met with the barn manager, signed the contract, and made arrangements to move Wings there the second weekend of April. 

Then, on Wednesday morning, I found out that my highest paying job will now only last until June as the company is closing their doors four months earlier than the original date announced. Um, that’s sort of a big deal. I knew of the closing when I agreed to come back but had been under the impression that we would be operating until the end of August!

And Wednesday night? Oh yeah. This totally happened…


Just…oh em gee! You guys, this was totally unexpected and all a bit much to deal with – even for me!  

I’m still kind of reeling, to be honest. I can’t quite wrap my head around it all yet, and I’m something of a mess. (Oh and IF you are friends with me on Facebook PLEASE don’t post anything on my wall about any of this – it’s still a big secret and will remain so for a while. Why? Because, honestly I don’t need anyone telling me not to fucking ride! I’ve known plenty of women who rode while pregnant and I intend to as well, within reason.)

The good news? My boyfriend is ecstatic. Like, completely over the moon! I’m slightly less so – only because I now realize I’m stuck paying good money to board my horse at a barn with jumps…but now I can’t jump!! Bah humbug! However thankfully my boyfriend understands I need to ride to keep my sanity (you don’t understand – I literally NEED to!) so he has agreed to regular trail riding and camping this summer. I may be pregnant but I’m not crippled. I just hope I can afford to keep Wings at CS long enough to actually enjoy/utilize those damn jumps! 😝