I haven’t posted in a while. Honestly I haven’t been riding a whole lot. Some of it is due to the weather and hunting season and the like – some of it is due to rearranging my priorities. A few weeks ago I decided it was time to step back and acknowledge the fact that I can’t keep 4 horses fit and legged up with my work schedule, and still cut out time for family and, well, other things. I started to realize I really didn’t have a life outside riding and that really bugged me.

So I stepped back and just let go. I stopped trying to control everything and honestly, it has been great. Going with the flow has been amazingly freeing.

A little recap on this past month and a half….


Wings is staying with us for now. He has had some issues in the past with navicular and I’m not going to rehome/sell a 21 yr old horse who is questionably sound if I can help it.


We visited my boyfriend’s mom at her vacation house in the mountains over Christmas. It was actually a pretty relaxing trip!


I got to try cranberry juice and vodka for the first time… (because I wasn’t “allowed” to drink in my previous relationship I am very unfamiliar with most alcholic beverages still lol)
We discovered a local restaurant that made AWESOME food!


We went antiquing and I discovered this cool old mirror! Totally would’ve snagged it if it wasn’t $150 and I hadn’t been broke.


Oh yeah! And I changed my “look”! I went from this…


To this! (Never mind the work selfie lol)


It was in the 70’s on Christmas day, but as soon as January hit, it got cold quickly!



I started Siesta on a new supplement and excercise regimen and quickly noticed the difference (for the better!) Unfortunately this also meant she was acting out in ways she never had before, and some of it became downright dangerous! I took a week to let her chill in the pasture while I reassessed the situation…


Unfortunately we were just starting to figure things out when Siesta came down with an abscess.

It took more than a week for that damn abscess for present itself!


Showing where it finally erupted along the coronary band. (And yes I’m aware she is due for a trim).


Meanwhile I’ve had a handful of bareback rides on J-Man in the past month, and he has turned into my cuddle bug.


I mean, how can you NOT?! He has done a 180 to suddenly being the most snuggly horse I own. And let me tell you, I ADORE that horse!



I was informed that I don’t post nearly enough pictures of Pokey anymore so here is one of him tormenting my barn manager’s dwarf mini stallion lol.

Oh and it finally SNOWED! Not much mind you. It had all pretty much melted in an hour or so. However I did get to take Siesta for a walk…


I was so tickled because this was the first time I have taken her out away from the barn and she hasn’t gotten super worked up!


Trying to teach her to “stay” lol


Taking it all in.

Standing in an open field. Loose. Which means not running away. A BIG deal for this girl!

This is my facebook cover photo right now.


We discovered this cool skull on the way back!



One more cool snow photo. Just because!


Looking forward to 2016, I have a handful of goals (not quite resolutions) in mind.

• Be less judgmental

Hard for me. I grew up with a mother who was overly critical, and over time I learned to dislike people in general. I find myself making snap judgements about people now because I somehow have a preconceived notion that they are doing the same to me. I need to learn to excercise kindness, even if it is scorned or not returned.

• Drink more, cook more

As I mentioned earlier in this post, my ex husband was a teetotaler and I was expected to adhere to the same standards. My boyfriend now doesn’t really drink (unless it’s Jack Daniels) but he doesn’t mind if I do. I don’t care for wine in general myself but I’m up for trying anything once. I really would like to be able to drink – and get buzzed – more often lol. I also love to cook so there’s that too!

• Move! Explore!

A big thing for me. I used to love hiking, exploring old buildings, photography and the like but I stopped all that a couple years ago. I really want to attempt to get out more and discover the world around me. I used to view everything with curiosity and wonder and I’d love to get that back! I have created an Instagram account specifically for that purpose – check out foreverxplore

• Endeavor to be more artistic

Going back to the photography thing. I used to so wedding/event/equine/portrait photography professionally years ago. Since then, however, I’ve lost a lot of my artistic flair. I’m going to attempt to bring that back.

• Get fit! Eat clean/exercise.

One thing I did manage to do this year for the first time ever was lose weight and keep it off! I am definitely happy with what I’ve managed to do, but I’m not satisfied yet! I want to lose 30 more lbs, get more toned and more muscular. Then, maybe THEN I will finally feel comfortable in my own skin. Because going to the gym is not really an option for me, I recently downloaded Sworkit and so far I’m loving it! I know Rome wasn’t built in a day but I have high hopes for positive results over time.

• Be vulnerable

I have a lot of trouble with this, because when I’ve opened up in the past I’ve been hurt. This is also why I don’t really have any close friends. 

• Learn to let go

This sort of goes along with being vulnerable because once I have been hurt, I cling to that and completely withdraw. I do it as a defense mechanism but I also realize that at some point holding onto the past is going to keep me from moving on in the future 

• Love myself

I honestly have never been truly happy with myself. Part of it probably has to do with being a perfectionist, and a people pleaser. I am always trying to conform to what I perceive to be expected of me. I never feel good enough, accomplished enough, pretty enough etc etc. I have come to realize in many ways my lack of self confidence is seriously affecting my overall happiness, so that is definitely something I’m going to work on in the future.

• Do less with my horses, more with my boyfriend (and daughter!)

Instead of focusing on endurance or getting one or another of my horses super fit this coming year, instead I plan to carve out more time for family. There is a good possibility that I will be working 3 jobs over the summer, amounting to about 55 hrs a week, but because of the schedule I will be on I will actually have MORE time with my daughter and she won’t have to be with her father as much. Add to that, with the additional income I’m hoping we may actually get to go on vacation once in a while, something we haven’t had the extra funds for in the past.