So as I have mentioned I recently had to take back two horses I had leased out for the past 3 years. I free leased them to a friend of mine (Mike) who took good care of them but a year ago lost his job. Since then the boys had been staying with a trainer friend of his (as a favor to him) but as winter drew closer and Mike still hadn’t secured work I decided to check in with the trainer who was keeping them. I was told that Duke had been losing weight so I picked him up immediately and brought him back to the pasture where Justice is boarded. I could not afford to keep them both and was looking into options to rehome Wings when suddenly the trainer messaged me and told me I needed to pick up Wings right away as well  or he would be charging me board. This understandably had me slightly flustered as I had been given no real time, and to my mind if anyone was going to be charged for board it needed to be Mike as he had reassured me that his trainer friend was perfectly ok with keeping the boys for as long as needed. At any rate I was able to convince the lady I’d gotten Duke from to take him back and I picked up Wings the same day.

I have owned Wings (on and off) for 13 years now. I bought him for $2500 as an 8 yr old and sold him about 4 years later for $6000. His new owner was a well to do lady who loved him but was a timid rider. In the end (3 years later) she decided he was too much for her and ended up gifting him back to me. 

During the prepurchase exam many years ago, the vet had noticed the beginnings of navicular in his X-rays and over the past few years Wings has had periods of intermittent lameness probably related to this. Right now, however, he is sound but as a result I have decided that it is probably best to keep him with me for good. He is home to stay. 

So, for throwback Thursday I thought I would share some photos of him, from back in the day.


I think I was probably 15 here. This was when we still lived in Maine.

Me and all my siblings around the same time. My youngest brother was riding Wings.

Another photo from Maine.
The photo I used in his sale ad. Jumping 3’6″ at our first home in NC.

Riding with Grace a few years ago. Back when I weighed a lot more πŸ˜‰
She grew to love him. πŸ’“ 

He was the first horse she ever rode πŸ™‚
And now a current pic. Wings and me on our first ride since coming home.
He is loved. Welcome home old man!