Siesta got clipped today (or as my boyfriend would say “clip-ped”).

Due to her Cushings she has developed a heavy curly winter coat. This would be fine if we were farther north but in NC it never gets really cold. It gets “cool” about 2 months out of the year (your definition of “cool” might differ but I moved down here from Maine, where I remember riding in -12 degree weather). 

Anywho I got tired of seeing her dripping sweat after every ride (plus I don’t really want her sweating heavily when the temperature is lower – say the 40’s and 50’s) so I decided the most humane thing to do was to clip her. 

My sister owns the clippers so she came over to help of course.

Old mare was actually very very good! She stood quietly even as the clippers were going and my sister’s Jack Russell puppy was dodging in and out of her legs.

All done. Just a minimalist clip.
Being good despite the chaos šŸ™‚

Grumpy mares must look grumpy!
I have actually been doing quite a bit with her lately. But more on that in a separate post… šŸ˜‰