You may recall that I published a post wherein I announced I was moving this blog and focusing mainly on endurance and “new” horse I’d brought home. Well, today I took that blog down. Basically what I’m dealing with right now is a lease gone sour, and there is a fair bit of drama and tension between myself, the lessee, and the trainer whose farm the horses have been staying at. I can’t really say a whole lot about that right now, though it’ll probably warrant it’s own post once the situation resolves itself.

In the meantime, please enjoy this video of Pokey. Taken Sunday. It makes you happy. Maybe it’ll make you happy too.

It makes me especially happy because after this ride, he was SWEATING!!! (For those of you who don’t know, he developed anhidrosis this summer and nothing I’d tried had helped…beer, electrolytes, iodized salt…AniMed’s SweatAgain seems to be what finally worked for us!)

Oh and here is a video from the hunter pace we attended. Taken before Justice became all winded and we were forced to stop…

Yup, yup.

Well, anyway. Toodles for now. I hope to have a more informative post up next week!