For wordless Wednesday I thought I’d share a few random videos that haven’t otherwise made it to the blog. (There are more recent photos posted on the Facebook page as well:)

This video was taken during our 11 days of endless rain when Hurricane Joaquin was moving through a couple weeks ago. The young horse Justice is playing with is called Tuff and he loves to harass just about every horse there. I just happened to start recording seconds before he reared up and lost his footing. I thought it was hilarious that he bucked and scampered away, as if to say “You didn’t see that!”

Aaaand here’s a couple random clips from our last ride.

We made a new friend. And I repeat myself about 5,000x. Yes Amy, he’s cute. We all get it. (In my defense I was short on sleep and when I’m tired, I tend to spew gibberish).

We attempted a shortcut home and ended up trailblazing our own trail through the woods. I call it Deep Woods Riding.

So in the clip above I noticed the remnants of a woven wire fence clinging to a nearby tree. Then I realized that there was more fence just under the leaves and that Justice had managed to put one leg through a loop. If he moved there was a chance he would realize he was caught and panic and pull back. I leaped off and asked him to pick up his foot. He tried to step back and at that moment he did realize he was caught. I said “whoa” very firmly, but calmly and he stopped. “Up,” I told him, and he obediently lifted his leg. Crisis averted. He is such a good boy!

So Pokey tends to wander around loose in the mornings when I do the barn (btw my manager knows and is fine with it lol). Anyway, here is a clip of him meeting my barn manager’s dwarf mini stallion, Sushi.

And this last clip (and the reason this post is being posted at 11:45pm) is just because. I gave Siesta a bath and so naturally she had to roll and roll and roll. I swear she and Pokey are soulmates. F’real. Even though I don’t really use/ride her anymore, I’m glad I have her. That they have each other.