Tis the season for big horse ouchies it seems…what with Saiph’s Lily from Wait For The Jump having recently undergone emergency surgery and Gem from What Could Possibly Go Wrong? also having recently sustained a serious injury. Naturally, Pokey didn’t want me to feel left out.

I was gone over the weekend on my latest horse related camping trip, but we decided to leave a day early, and broke camp Saturday night. On Sunday morning I headed north, intending to visit my mom and check on the boys. I decided to swing by the pasture first, in case my mom and daughter had decided to attend church (which was letting out as I drove past).

I hadn’t seen my boys in a week due to working at both the barn and my day job nonstop the previous week. My sister, however, had promised to look in on them for me on Thursday (unfortunately unbeknownst to myself, she’d gotten caught up doing something else, and it didn’t happen).

I was pleased to see both my ponies were standing under the trees in the shade, and Pokey was hanging out with a new horse, whom I hadn’t seen before. I filled up the water bucket (as Justice was drinking when I drove up) and petted him for a bit. At that point Pokey’s buddy moved and I frowned, as I noticed a black mark on Pokey’s rump. From a distance it looked like just a scrap. But I figured I’d better take a closer look.

I’m glad I did. As I drew closer, I could smell it and when I got a good look I almost gagged. It. Was. Horrible.

I had no first aid supplies with me, so I jumped in the car and sped to my mom’s house, less than 4 miles away. She and my daughter were home, and surprised to see me back so soon. I explained about Pokey and begged for some peroxide and betadine. Kudos to my mom – she dropped everything, grabbed a ton of first aid stuff including gauze, betadine, water, peroxide, a syringe and a tetanus shot (I guess she keeps them on hand, which is wise).

She went with us to treat his wound and when she saw it, she agreed it was bad. Upon cleaning it, we discovered you could stick a whole thumb down inside. It was that deep. Ugh!

I immediately texted Jessica, asking if I could bring Pokey back to the old barn. A wound that deep needed close attention and I wasn’t going to be able to provide that if he stayed at the pasture. Besides, I suspect it may have been caused by one of the other horses, and I didn’t want to risk anything else happening.

Fortunately I don’t have a contract with the pasture owners so it wasn’t a problem to move him immediately. And Jessica had room and said I could put him in the empty stall across from Siesta.

So Mom and I hooked up the trailer (it took us a minute to figure out how to attach the sway bars – I’ve never hooked up a trailer that had them before), and took him back to SStables (and picked up a Great Dane that had been dumped along the way but that’s another story).


He's home again!


Pokey’s boo boo after treatment this morning. You kinda get a sense of how deep it is here. (Fyi that is antibacterial ointment in the wound and swat slathered all around).

And this afternoon.

The good news: it’s draining well and the swat (and his tail) is keeping the flies away. I’m not a vet tech or anything (so if you have advice I’ll be glad to hear it, but please be kind). By the time it was discovered it was too late for stitches …the best thing to do for it now is to keep it clean and disinfected and allow it to drain and heal from the inside out.


Photo from yesterday. The stuff slathered around the wound is swat, and there is some ointment on the wound itself so that is why it appears all white. It is actually looking a lot better!

Some other good news is Pokey and Siesta are being turned out together and they loooove each other (to be fair, he loves her more than she loves him lol).

Best buds...my baby faced bays!

Pokey will probably be staying at SStables permanently, as he can be monitored daily and fed chopped hay and grain over the winter. He doesn’t have a problem eating grass but his teeth are so bad he cannot easily chew hay anymore, and has to be supplemented with a lot of grain.

Meanwhile Justice is enjoying having a huge pasture to play in. He mainly ignores the other horses but has gotten attached to the two minis and hangs out with one or the other constantly. He is definitely much happier in a pasture board situation.


For more frequent updates, check out the Facebook page🙂 With my busy schedule lately I only get to work on the blog on the weekends (and sometimes not even then). But I’m trying to catch up! I’ve got Day 2 of our last Uwharrie trip almost finished, as well as a post in the works about our most recent adventure. So stay tuned!